How to choose an eternity ring

Diamond Eternity Ring

Summer is Britain’s favourite wedding season, which means that couples across the country will be celebrating their anniversaries together. If you’re one of them, then you’re probably planning how to commemorate another year of married life – a romantic meal for two, a long weekend break, or maybe just a night in with a takeaway and your favourite film.

To make this year’s anniversary extra special, you could buy your partner a precious gift that they’ll cherish forever, like an eternity ring. With no beginning and no end, an eternity ring is a symbol of everlasting love and commitment, and so it will make the perfect present to surprise your other half with.

Eternity rings are popular gifts for anniversaries, but many people also buy them to mark the birth of their first child. They are among the most meaningful pieces of jewellery; but, as with other types of ring, there are endless styles out there. So to help decide, here’s some advice on choosing an eternity ring your partner will wear with pride.


The three most common choices of metal are platinum, white and yellow gold. Platinum is by far the most luxurious choice; it’s more durable than gold and will help to highlight the beauty and sparkle of the diamond. White gold is a more affordable option and will still look elegant on her finger, while yellow gold is a more traditional choice.

Usually, eternity rings are worn between the wedding and engagement rings. So, if you think your wife will wear the ring on her wedding finger, make sure that it matches her existing jewellery. For instance, if she has white gold wedding and engagement rings, then a white gold eternity ring would naturally suit best.

Some women find three rings on one finger too much and prefer to wear their eternity ring on the other hand. This will give you more freedom in terms of the ring’s design colour and size; still, you need to make sure it suits your wife’s jewellery preferences. Take a sneak peek at her current collection for some inspiration.


Just as important as the metal is the carat weight of the eternity ring. A 9ct gold eternity ring could end up scratching an 18ct gold wedding ring as it’s a harder alloy, so making sure that their carats match will help to keep the jewellery in excellent condition.


Another thing you’ll need to decide on is the ring’s setting, which is especially important if you plan to buy a diamond ring. If your wife’s engagement ring has a claw setting, we’d recommend buying an eternity ring of the same style, as they will look stunning coupled together. A claw setting is perfect for round, brilliant diamonds; light will permeate the stone from every angle, ensuring that the ring sparkles endlessly and effortlessly.

Eternity Ring - Claw Setting

A channel set style – where the edges of the ring encase the stones – are a more modern choice and suitable for baguette and princess cut diamonds, as well as round brilliant gemstones. Rings boasting a channel set design are incredibly secure as the stones are set flush within the ring, which prevents any snagging.

Eternity Ring - Channel Setting


Gemstone eternity rings are a beautiful alternative to traditional diamonds and are becoming more and more popular. Sapphires are a top choice and if your wife has a diamond engagement ring, then any colour gemstone will suit. The gemstone can take centre stage, or you can choose a ring with gemstones interspersed with diamonds.

Eternity Ring with Saphires

If you want to make your gift extra heartfelt, choose a ring that’s set with your anniversary stone, or your wife’s zodiac stone. Or, if you’re buying the ring to mark the birth of your first child, you could always have the ring set with their birthstone.

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