Engage in colour

Shirley Bassey sang that diamonds are forever, Marilyn Monroe hailed them ‘a girl’s best friend’ – there’s no denying our unrelenting love and sheer fascination for the beloved gemstone. Yet, while diamonds will never, ever lose their sparkle, here at Coppins, we’re seeing more women (and their husbands-to-be) opting for colourful centrepieces to adorn their engagement rings.

A royal example

Some of the greatest fashion icons of our time have decided to opt for coloured gemstones. In a heartfelt gesture, Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with the ring formerly worn by his mother, the late Princess Diana. At its centre sits a stunning, 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire, set in 18-carat white gold and entirely surrounded by solitaire diamonds. The Duchess of Cambridge’s ring is one of the most famous rings in the world and it is women like Kate who have inspired others to engage in colour.

Captivate with colour 

A bright, bold and beautiful gem bedazzles on the finger. There are a plethora of gemstones to choose from – like the deep, red-wine hues of an almandine garnet, the vivid, seawater tones of aquamarine or the golden, orange-yellow colour of Citrine, evocative of a beautiful sunset. Sapphires, rubies and emeralds, meanwhile, are known as the ‘big three’ gemstones, each coming in a variety of of different tones, and each one just as unique as the next.

Unique, yet affordable 

Introducing colour into the ring makes it unique, personal and therefore extra special. As another benefit, gemstones tend to cost less than diamonds, meaning you can achieve something large and impressive, but for a fraction of the price. Here are some rings our expert, in-house goldsmith is currently busy crafting:


DSC_0070 Gemstone engagement rings


Contrary to popular belief, diamonds aren’t actually that rare, at least not in comparison to certain coloured gemstones. Just take tanzanite, which exists only in the Mererani Hills in Northern Tanzania; or Red Beryl, found in just a handful of locations in America. Even common gems such as rubies and sapphires are varieties of corundum, a rare mineral.

Choosing your gemstone 

If you’re buying a ring for your partner, the choice may seem a little daunting at first. So, our advice would be to opt for a gemstone in your other half’s favourite colour, or how about the colour of their birthstone? Bear in mind also that gemstones are extremely symbolic, with supposed healing powers and meanings that have been sculpted over centuries by cultures across the globe. Here are some examples of gemstones and what they represent:

  • Aquamarine – luck, courage and inner peace 
  • Citrine – money, inspiration and success 
  • Garnet – health, protection and manifestation 
  • Tourmaline – promoting inspiration and happiness, reducing fear, and building self-confidence. It also balances yin-yang energies
  • Moonstone – promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters
  • Quartz – energy and clarity 
  • Ruby – courage, energy and love
  • Sapphire – intuition, calm and positive energy
  • Topaz – calm, balance and honesty


You could always choose the gemstone you believe best represents your other half, or the qualities you feel are most important in your relationship. Just make sure you explain why you have chosen the gem during (or shortly after) the big reveal! As well as picking a meaningful gemstone, you need to think about other characteristics, such as hardness and durability; while diamonds are notoriously robust and hardwearing, there are some gemstones that may not be suitable for everyday wear.

When you have some ideas in mind, why not come into Coppins and we can talk you through your best options? One of our team will explain the unique features of each gem so that you can pick a ring that is stunning and suitable for how it will be worn. We have decades of experience in crafting bespoke pieces of jewellery and we would love to create the perfect engagement ring for you.